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I've been lurking around this forum for some days now, and decided to create an account to share with and learn from the nice community you've got here.

A bit of background: Even though I have lived in a few different places, I have always picked the place to call home after factoring in public transportation availability. It was all well and good until COVID hit and I couldn't venture much outside of a very short radius for months; it drove me nuts! I have never owned a car, and had not planned on buying one for the next couple of years, but decided to take the plunge to keep my sanity. I live in Norway, so due to the super high taxes on fossil cars, they were a no go; an EV simply made financial and environmental sense.

Shortlisting and ordering: I started off with the following shortlist, arranged in increasing order of my preference based solely on online reviews, specifications and videos (couldn't even go for test-drives myself because COVID):
  • Ioniq
  • Zoe
  • Kona
  • TM3 SR+
  • TM3 LR
  • XC40 RPE
  • Polestar 2.
I didn't need a family hauler, so XC40 went out of the list pretty quickly. Ioniq and Zoe seemed like good city cars but nothing more; off with them. Among the 4 remaining candidates, I don't think I'd have gone wrong with any of them, but seeing Polestar 2 in reality is what really made up my mind. Not only is the car stylish, and has a bit of muscle car looks, but it also has lots and lots of useful features a total newbie like me would love to have in a car: a proper driver's instrument cluster, great matrix lights, heated wipers (very useful in Norway), heated steering wheel, light washers, a good ride height, hatch for my sports equipment etc. etc.

Even though I was sort of pushing my budget by a few percent with the last 2 options in my list, I went ahead with a magnesium Polestar 2 with 19" wheels. I really wanted a "road salt" coloured car to reduce the time I need to spend cleaning it in winters, and magnesium seemed to be the closest! 馃槂 First I got December as the ETA, then it changed to January. Not a super big deal, considering they're starting to get better with teething issues. I am, however, really dreading not having app based preheating at the peak of Norwegian winters. :eek:

TL;DR & Advice?
So I've never owned a car, but COVID drove me to get one. I ordered a Polestar 2 (no PP), but dreading reports of issues and lack of app based preheating. I still hope I've made the right choice. Any advice to help a noob avoid early ownership woes when it comes to Polestar 2? 馃檪

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Welcome! 'Love Norway. Jump right in on the conversations.
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