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Long time lurker, first time poster from sunny San Diego. I know I'm not the only one from San Diego here, someone else is also stealthily avoiding conversations about "cold" and "weather". :)

I've been eyeing EVs for a while, but have been waiting for something not Tesla that scratched all my car geek itches. Copious amounts of research, and a significantly skewed YouTube algorithm, later and I have a Snow P2 with the PP on order scheduled to arrive either in December 2020 or Feb 2021, depending on which site/app you ask. I honestly can't wait to tinker with the suspension settings...

Anyway, I'm curious how this whole process goes, especially considering it looks like ordering anywhere east of the Mississippi is a nightmare. I got the "your car is at the port" email early last week, so... here's to patience I guess.

P.S. I really should update that avatar...
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