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After prompting to initiate a software update, I waited until I knew I wouldn’t need the car for an hour and a half and initiated update last Sunday evening. Next day, the screen showed a tick. I didn’t drive the car but I noticed that my app could no longer find the car and there was a SOS Service Required alert showing. I phoned for assistance and they suggested a couple of manoeuvres to reset but they failed. They said to drive the car down to 10% and recharge. I was at 90% and had nowhere to go so I didn’t drive for a few days and immediately there was a rhythmic clunking coming from one rear wheel. I stopped after a couple of hundred metres and called roadside assist. They requested a tow. The tow couldn‘t get it into gear without my phone so I had to go with it and get a cab home. They had to put it on a hoist while I was there with my phone but 4 days later I haven’t heard anything.
Apart from the technical/mechanical problem, Polestar really has a problem with communication with its customers In Australia.
Has anyone else had this?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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