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In terms of sensitivity, there's no impact at all.
In regards to visibility of the screen, there's a very very miniscule difference to the screen clarity because of the matt surface.
However, the matt surface helps immensely with the glare from lights and sun etc.

I totally recommend it, I found before I used any screen protector, the screen got so dirty and grubby I was frequently having to wipe it clean with the polestar inclusive microfiber cloth.

With the screen protector I only had to wipe it once a month if that, it was very good with finger prints my experience is with the plastic film type. I've only had a week with the glass one, it is doing a good job too. As I have stated above, the plastic film is a tad better from the limited one week experience.

The tempered glass fits so much better it's almost invisible compared to the film, partly due to when I fitted the plastic film protector, it was ever so slightly misaligned to one side.
SOLD, thanks for that! I probably won’t have my car until thanksgiving or later, but I assume I will hate fingerprints then just as much as I do now, so I’m going to buy one😁
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