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Earlier this afternoon I left the house to take the dog to the park.
At the park I got out of the car, went to lock the car by touching the handle and nothing happened.
I try a few more times, I check my pockets for the activity key which I thought I had picked up and it was no where to be found.
I had my phone with me and the dog was desperate to get into the park so I locked the car with my phone and tried to forget about it assuming I had left the key at home.
I drove home unlocking the car with the phone and start looking for the activity key. Nothing, I looked high and low but could not find it.
I went back to car and raised and flattened the seat, looked underneath it and in the seat back.
I assumed it must have fallen out of my pocket when I got out of the car and must be on the road at the park so I drove back this time without the dog, I looked all around the area I parked, I looked under all the cars and still nothing.
I assumed the key lost and went back to the car to drive home defeated. On getting in the car I looked at where the seat belt entered the seat and realised that this was probably big enough for the key to fit in, I poked around with the fingers but could not feel it, as I was doing so I realised it was moving and looked like a detachable part, I gave it a tug and the part came off and inside nestled on a piece of metal of the seat frame was.....
The Activity Key!

So to save the next person who loses their activity key try looking here.

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