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I also visited the SF pop-up today. The 2 on the floor happens to be the exact config I reserved (Void/Barley/Standard 19” Wheels), so it was great to see it in the metal. Here are a few photos from the visit (they also had a gorgeous Polestar 1 in the space, btw). Happy to answer any questions as best I can. A couple of notes:
  • The pop-up team are regarding this as a “soft opening” as a couple of elements weren’t in place yet, including color and fabric samples, as well as the interactive configuration table. Things should be more fleshed out in a week or two.
  • Demo cars should arrive in about the same timeframe (the pop-up team haven’t driven a Polestar yet), and they’re currently targeting the first week of September for customer test drives.
@polerad an associate mentioned that “a guy came in here with three suitcases” on Day 1 so congratulations, you’re a pop-up legend.

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