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Stickerless Thunder on 19's
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Do you ever listen to a favourite song trying to imagine you’re doing so for the first time just to appreciate it through fresh ears all over again - (no? Ok then just me).
Last night returning home from our walk my girlfriend & me took a look at my car & tried to see it for the first time, imagining we didn’t know the Polestar brand. The car just looks so different than anything else. I know it’s been said so many times but the design is just fantastic. Looking at the car you couldn’t begin to try to to even guess how much it cost. I love that lack of pretension (talking about the car not me). I’m even understanding Polestar’s decision on the limited colour range too. The design is eye catching enough. Bright colours aren’t required. Keep it low key before you blast off as the lights turn green!
PS- as much as I love all the above, hell will freeze over before I switch off the LED welcome lights!!!!!
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